How To Learn Marathi Typing At Home

Marathi is one of the most popular languages in India with over 70 million speakers in the country alone. The written language has evolved right from the 11th century, making it one of the oldest languages in the world as well. It makes use of the Devnagari script for writing purposes since 1950. Find out how to learn Marathi typing.

Typing in Marathi 

The first thing you need to do is install a Marathi keyboard or activate Marathi on your existing keyboard application if you have one. If you want to type Marathi on a computer, there are free software’s out there that can help you do so. Use below editor and enjoy Marathi typing without installing any software.

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Enabling Marathi Support on Your PC 

how to learn marathi typing

If your computer doesn’t show Marathi letters you need to enable the feature manually. For Windows PCs, you can head to your Control Panel and find the Region and Language option. Head to Keyboards and Languages and find the Change Keyboards options. Once you are in the language menu you need to select Marathi and activate it. 

On Mac computers, you need to open System Preferences and choose the Language and Text option. Simply head to Edit List and choose Marathi and activate it. You will now be able to type Marathi on a computer. 

If you are learning on the phone you need to head to your Language settings on your respective keyboard app and add Marathi. 

Virtual Keyboards: The virtual keyboards that are available online correspond to your English keyboard. All you need to do is press the right buttons that correspond to its respective Marathi keys to type in Marathi. In addition to having a keyboard app you also need to have a word editor that supports the Devnagari script. Most popular typing apps like MS-Word support the language so you should not have much trouble. 

Online Typing Apps: You can also find online apps that allow you to type in Marathi using your existing keyboard. You will be able to type and practice typing Marathi using these apps. There are help indicators in these keyboards to alert you which key you are pressing to ensure accuracy. 

Practice Typing Marathi 

Just like any other language, takes time. If you want to know how to learn Marathi typing, you just need to practice. It takes time to develop a standard typing speed when learning a new language. Practice typing the same common Marathi phrases over and over again to improve your accuracy. 

You should consider practicing for an hour every day to improve your speed. The first few days you will notice that your speed is not up to the mark but it will get better over time. You can monitor your progress by measuring your WPM. 

WPM refers to the number of words you can type in a minute. As you keep practicing your WPM will go higher rapidly. We hope we helped you learn how to type Marathi typing, just remember to keep practicing and you will get better at it over time. 

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