English To Marathi Typing

Typing has become very important nowadays and most of us know how to type in English but the truth is that we love to type in our own regional language. However, typing in any regional language is not easy as the keyboards are manufactured as per the English language.

Typing in English to Marathi

There are various translation software of different companies available online but our software is the best one as it is powered by Google and quite easy to operate as well. Our website is providing users with the simple and speedy method for English to Marathi typing and it will save you from the hassles of learning difficult keyboard design plus you don’t even need to practice typing at all.

The Process:

You just need to type a Marathi word in English and as you will press the spacebar, the word will be transliterated in the Marathi language. Our website works on phonetics so you need to know how to write a Marathi word in English. The website will transliterate the word based on the sound that comes from the word so it is necessary that you write Marathi words correctly in English. Once a word is typed, a drop-down menu will also appear which will give the user an option to select the most suitable word as per his need.

Difference between translation and transliteration

Transliteration is a process in which the word is changed into another language based on its pronunciation.  Let us not confuse translation with transliteration as in translation, the meaning of the word is told while in transliteration, how a word is written in another language is told.


The user can also email the text after getting transliterated from our website only and the best part is that it is absolutely free for the user. This is the best option for those who are typing English to Marathi for official purposes.

Copy and Share:

The user also has the option of copying the text and sharing it on his social media networks, such as Facebook, etc. There is no doubt that chatting with friends in our own language has its own fun and it also brings people closer.

Typing in English to Marathi


The results provided by the website are quite accurate and many people are using the English to Marathi typing website program for official purposes too.

Internet Connection

Once the website is loaded on the computer, the user doesn’t need the Internet for operating it. As the user will type in the text editor, the website program will transliterate it from English to Marathi. However, for emailing or sharing the typed content, the Internet connection will be needed.

Suggestion and Feedback

We sincerely request our users to give us suggestions and feedback so that we can make improvements to our website if needed. Our aim is to provide you with the easy to access website which gives you absolutely correct English to Marathi typing results and we will love to hear from you if you have anything to say.

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